Success in radioactive waste management is believed to be the key to successful development of nuclear technology in a country. For this reason, this research group focuses on developing methods, materials that can be used in radioactive waste management, nuclear safety and safeguards in waste management.

To get feedback for the research results obtained, the researchers in this group actively participate in scientific meeting forums both nationally and internationally. This group also acts as a companion and resource person in the development of radioactive waste management at the regional and national levels carried out by the Regional Government, BATAN and BAPETEN.


  • Multi Purpose Container Design¬† ¬†(Research Leading Partnership, 1999).
  • Teletherapy resource container design.
  • Advanced reactor waste management (MSR, PLTN Floating, AP1000).
  • Molybdenum separation study by electrolysis method.
  • Manufacture of Borosilicate Ceramics from various materials (Mount Merapi ash, glass, zeolite etc.) for the immobilization of radioactive waste.
  • Study on the utilization of various materials (rice husk ash, Merapi ash, PLTU fly ash, sand blast, etc.) as pozzolanic materials in the cementation process of radioactive waste.
  • Study of containment of radioactive waste in ocean disposal.
  • Study of safety and security of radioactive waste storage areas in the deep sea.
  • Study of the use of natural fibers (bamboo, coconut fiber etc.) in the cementation of radioactive waste.
  • Study of the use of natural materials as ceramic filter materials.
  • Study on the use of the Electro-Coagulation Method to treat liquid radioactive waste.
  • Waste transportation safety studies.
  • Study of the adsorption ability of some natural materials (activated carbon, rice husk ash etc.).



Toxic and Hazardous Waste Compaction Methods with Cement and Natural Fibers, Patent Certificate of the Republic of Indonesia no ID P0030650, 12 April 2012.


  • Center for Radioactive Waste Technology-BATAN.
  • PT. Inuki (Persero).
  • PT. Holcim Indonesia.

Main Researcher :

  • Ir. Yudi Utomo Imardjoko, M.Sc., Ph.D.
  • Dr-Ing. Kusnanto
  • Ir. Nunung Prabaningrum, MT., Ph.D.
  • Ferdiansjah, ST., M.Eng. Sc.
  • Ir Mondjo, M.Si.
  • Ir. Susetyo Hario Putero, M.Eng.
  • Ir. Anung Muharini, MT.
  • Widya Rosita, ST., MT.

Contact Person :

Susetyo Hario Putero

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