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Visual Sensor

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Artificial Intelligence



Pattern Recognition


  • Development portable device to aid speech therapy for deaf kids
  • Enhancement of medical devices to improve rural public health services
  • Visual sensor for smart building and security
  • Visual sensor for agricultural and post harvesting applications
  • Visual sensor for robotics



  • Luthfi Zharif
  • Muhammad Mustaghfirin

Former assistants: 

  • Yakob Fahim |
  • Gilang Destya Widodo
 Graduated students:

  • Caesar Alpha
  • Doddy Dirgantara Putra
  • Nurwanto Yogi Sutari
  • Rezha Aditya Maulana Budiman
  • Teguh Ginanjar
  • Helmi Ainun Naim
  • Ahmad Nurdiansyah
  • Alif Fajar Setianto
  • Laras Fadillah
  • Zuniar Wakhid Budi Kusuma
  • Anjar Triyoko
  • Heru Pranoto
  • Aniv Haria Chandra
  • Mohammad Arief
  • Educate Hari Purwanto
  • Binar Listyana Suroto
  • Haryo Utomo Wisnu Nugroho
  • Aditya Muhtadi
  • Arni Fadhilla Putri
  • Farida Aulia Mardhiati


Improving the Function of the Microscope as a Tool to Support Early Diagnosis Based on Observation of White Blood Cells for Equitable Public Health Services in Indonesia


Analog microscopes as a diagnostic support tool are readily available in almost all public health services in Indonesia. This microscope can be upgraded and enriched into a modified microscope by adding digital camera technology, digital image processing methods and the field of pattern recognition. This modified microscope can meet the needs of early diagnosis (screening) of a disease, namely with the ability to recognize and count the types of white blood cells.
The visual sensor group in the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, Faculty of Engineering, UGM has been focusing on research and development of this modified microscope. This Leading Research from Gadjah Mada University was carried out in collaboration with various parties such as PT Miconos Yogyakarta, Dr. RSUP. Sardjito, Medical Faculty of Mataram University, Mataram Hospital and Kartini Hospital.

Research Roadmap

year 1

  • Identify Partner Microscope Features and Weaknesses
  • Making a White Blood Cell Image Bank
  • White Blood Cell Image Processing

Year 2

  • Partner Microscope Quality Improvement
  • Processing of White Blood Cell Characteristics
  • Independent Software Development
  • White Blood Cell Image Bank Enrichment

Year 3

  • Identification of Relationship Characteristics and Health Conditions
  • Software Integration into Prototype Microscopes
  • White Blood Cell Image Bank Enrichment

Year 4

  • Prototype Microscope Testing
  • Book Writing